The use of software for tracking all your inventory items has now become a necessity in today’s constantly modifying retail and wholesale industries. With the advancement of technology, almost every inventory system is shifting to the cloud, where the actual database is stored online as compared to in-house machines. Is this move good enough for your business?

Protégé Global is constantly changing the way organizations and businesses keep a record and manage their inventory by offering an efficient and a powerful, cloud based best inventory management system IMS. Our online inventory management services save time and resources by automating record keeping, data entry, and tracking processes, enabling users to benefit from customizable tools and features specifically suiting their business requirements.

Major Features

Protégé Global provides the following features for their best Inventory Management System;

  • User-friendly configuration.
  • Traceable of all inventories on the cloud.
  • Traceable work-in-process (WIP).
  • Receivable by using with or without purchase order.
  • Receivable on a default or a scanned location.
  • Receivable by using unit of measure (UOM) multiplier.
  • Issuable to customers / scrap / production / jobs.
  • Allowance of same stock number at several locations.
  • Record keeping of all inventory issued by target.
  • Issue against or without sales order.
  • Maintenance of standard inventory cost on the cloud.
  • Maintenance of supplier information on the cloud.