Quality Assurance Services

Automated or manual, we ensure excellence.
Protégé Global utilizes an Integrated and professional Quality Assurance services to assure the highest quality of our deliveries. We take pride in perfecting a QA strategy and procedure that blends smoothly into the development cycle besides from crossing the necessary boundary in between the processes of development and software quality assurance.

Why Protégé Global QA?

  • We offer a complete computerized solution built for constant integration ambiance. Our automatic customized testing frameworks are able to execute the tests if needed, log problems, assign those problems to our developers with necessary details, create html test reports and email the final results to the stakeholders.
  • Our expertise lies in building detailed, all-inclusive and realistic test plans along with thoroughly following their execution, thus ensuring their efficiency, value and quality.
  • Our experience lies in maintaining effective assistance between our quality assurance engineers, our developers and our Client that allows them to achieve excellent quality of the primary software version, assuring higher user acceptance.
  • Our services for software quality assurance are available on-board either as an element of software development affiliation or can be maintained as a single service.
  • We provide professional quality assurance services and application testing practices. Our enthusiastic QA team performs infrastructure analysis, develops a test plan, assesses automation potential, and defines and executes critical test cases.